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About Us

Perfectly stylish. Perfectly comfortable.

Simplicity is the essence of ABACA’s design philosophy and nature is its inspiration. ABACA has an extensive range of furniture, lighting solutions and accessories specially suited for the outdoors. Its products are carefully curated from ateliers in South East Asia and Europe, known for their responsible manufacturing practices and attention to detail.

Abaca’s range of rattan furniture in polyrod and weaves that replicate natural abaca and hyacinth fibres, harmonises perfectly with outdoor spaces. Our all-weather furniture is elegant and robust made from modern lightweight material like aluminium and synthetic fibres, making them convenient to move around.

ABACA promises luxury and comfort while you embrace the wind, water and sunlight in its unique daybeds and poolside loungers. We have dining sets, sofa sets and bar stools that allow you to enjoy outdoor living to its fullest.

ABACA’s smart collection of teak wood seating also find a place in our outdoor range.

We provide our clients with a beautiful range of SUNBRELLA fabrics on our cushioning.

Whether it is the poolside or patio, open verandah or open-to-sky terrace, our polyresin and cement planters bring an interesting element to landscaping as you showcase your indoor and outdoor plants.

And even as the sun sets, enjoy the evening breezes in the dancing shadows provided by our solar lighting solutions.

ABACA – the complete outdoor experience.