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Capture the essence of summer with the hottest colours of the season.

Does colour affect your mood or is your choice of colour affected by your mood? The two are undoubtedly intertwined and it is hard to decide which comes first. However, you can solve this conundrum by contemporizing your life with the colours of the season.

Green, the colour most associated with nature, signifies renewal and hope . As the colour of the year, this tends to dominate ABACA’s range of accessories. Ceramic platters and dinner ware, delicately shaded in green are a stylish addition to any crafted from the finest teak wood and treated to withstand the vagaries of nature dinner table. Or bring a dash of green as you cover your tea mugs with green lids. Watch the mood lift up with green scatter rugs, bean bags and soft furnishings.

The perfect foil to green is cheerful yellow with its attention seeking quality. Did you know that yellow also speeds up metabolism and is good to have around in the summer when you feel drained of all energy? A splash of yellow is enough to bring a pop of colour and revitalize your living space.

But the colour most associated with summer is the warm and joyous feeling that is brought on by orange. Named after the citrus fruit that signifies the sweet taste of summer, orange, a subtle melding of red and yellow, is upbeat and offers strength in troubled or stressful times.

And as the temperatures rise before the monsoon rains, let the hottest colours of the season help you cool down.